Dobbin Dog Ranch is owned and operated by a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated husband and wife management team.


  • 14,000 Square Feet of Indoor Space
  • Nearly 20 Acres of Landscaped Outdoor Space
  • Beautiful Nature Trails for Invigorating and Exciting Walks
  • Clean and Fresh Lakes for Fun, Safe Swimming and Retrieving
  • Exceptional Dog Training
  • Exhilarating Group Play and Doggie Daycare With Friends
  • Captivating Leisure and Exercise Activities and Pampering
  • Luxury Spa and Grooming Services
  • Transportation Available With Luxury Limousine Service
  • Antibacterial, Non-Absorbent, Dog-Friendly Floors
  • Advanced Fresh Air Ventilation and Purification System
  • Professional Lake Management for Safe and Healthy Water Activities
  • Back-up Generator to Ensure Uninterrupted Power and Water
  • Attentive and Loving Caregivers
  • Owner/Manager Oversight 365 Days a Year, 24 Hours a Day
  • Owner Residence on Property


Dobbin Dog Ranch opened for business in 2021 and is owned and operated by Mike and Kari Enmon. After the sale of their prior successful pet resort in August 2019, which they operated for nine years, Mike and Kari embarked on the design and construction of Dobbin Dog Ranch. It was a true labor of love, and their experience, knowledge, and thoughtfulness show in every facet of the property. Every aspect of the facility is designed to ensure that guests enjoy unparalleled care and attention, while maintaining the utmost in safety, health, and happiness.

Mike has a BBA from Texas A&M and an MBA from the University of Chicago and has seen success in the banking industry, including investment banking in New York and corporate lending in Houston. Prior to his banking career, until the age of 28, Mike operated his family farm, which consisted of a quarter of a million chickens, hundreds of head of cattle as well as timber and hay production. Mike, an avid duck hunter, appreciates the companionship of a good gun dog and has enjoyed training numerous Labrador Retriever pups through basic training, until the pups moved on to advanced American Kennel Club (“AKC”) Field Trial training. He has over 25 years of experience training and competing with his own Labrador Retrievers in Field Trials and is a licensed AKC Retriever Field Trial Judge. Mike has earned a stellar reputation for training family dogs and for enriching the lives of the whole family in the process. He has trained thousands of dogs and a wide variety of breeds in off-leash basic obedience and puppy training, including German Shorthaired Pointers, Vizslas, Labrador Retrievers, Miniature Pinschers, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Australian Shepherds, and Doodles of all kinds. In fact, there are not very many breeds he has not touched, and Mike is a highly recommended and skilled dog trainer. Many clients have referred to his training results as “life changing.” Mike directs the training program at Dobbin Dog Ranch and personally trains every dog enrolled. Mike is also responsible for managing guest nutrition, health and wellness, facility maintenance, grounds keeping, and together with Kari, managing all other aspects of the facility.

Kari graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BBA in accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant. In her corporate career spanning over 25 years, Kari was highly valued for her attention to detail, leadership, and project management skills. As owner and manager of Dobbin Dog Ranch, Kari is living her dream. Kari’s own dogs mean everything to her, and she considers them part of her family, deserving of only the best care available. Under her direction, the caliber of care that Dobbin Dog Ranch provides is unparalleled. Kari feels blessed to spend her days attending to the needs and desires of her furry guests. It is also extremely rewarding to know that she provides priceless peace of mind to parents while their pups are away from home. Kari is primarily responsible for managing guest reception, leisure activities, marketing, computer technology, accounting, and together with Mike, managing all other aspects of the facility.


You may request reservations through our online portal using the “Request a Reservation” link at the bottom of the page. Or, if you prefer, give us a call at 281-203-0300 and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to caring for your pup and ensuring that your furry family member has a blast living the dream at Dobbin Dog Ranch!