Your furry family member will be safe and comfortable in our exceptionally clean and fresh dog boarding accommodations.
8 FT BY 4 FT

Created to enrich your dog’s boarding experience, our spacious and private ranch rooms include a distinctive design with a window in every room for natural sunlight and an indoor garden with live plants. All ranch rooms are well-appointed with comfortable platform beds, cozy blankets, and surround sound music. Bottomless fresh water service as well as nightly turndown service is included with every ranch room. In addition, guests in our ranch rooms are treated to five outside potty breaks daily.

10 FT BY 6 FT

For the truly discerning, our fully enclosed, glass front, luxury rooms offer complete privacy and include webcams, allowing you to watch your pup on camera during his or her visit. Designed to heighten your dog’s boarding experience, our luxury rooms also have windows and distinctive decor. All luxury rooms are well-appointed with comfortable platform beds, cozy blankets, and surround sound music. Bottomless fresh water service as well as nightly turndown service and a yummy treat at bedtime is included with every luxury room. In addition, guests in our luxury rooms are treated to five outside potty breaks daily.


  • Climate Controlled, Spacious and Private
  • Comfortable Raised Beds and Cozy Blankets
  • Surround Sound Music
  • Bottomless Fresh Water Service
  • Five Outside Potty Breaks Daily
  • Daily Five-Point Wellness Check
  • Nightly Turndown Service
  • Lights Out No Earlier Than 8 pm
  • Captivating Leisure and Exercise Activities
  • Exhilarating Group Play and Doggie Daycare With Friends
  • Professional Spa and Grooming Services
  • Transportation Available With Luxury Limousine Service
  • Large, Immaculately Maintained, Private Outdoor Potty Yards
  • Lushly Landscaped Grounds and Outdoor Play Areas
  • Spacious and Inviting Indoor Play and Exercise Room
  • Impeccable Daily Housekeeping
  • Commercial-Grade Dishwasher to Ensure Fresh and Sanitary Meal and Beverage Service
  • Commercial-Grade Laundry Equipment to Ensure Fresh and Clean Linens
  • Antibacterial, Non-Absorbent, Dog-Friendly Floors
  • Advanced Fresh Air Ventilation and Purification System
  • Pet-Safe Cleaning Products
  • Professional Lake Management for Safe and Healthy Water Activities
  • Back-up Generator to Ensure Uninterrupted Power and Water
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Management
  • Attentive and Loving Caregivers
  • Owner/Manager Oversight 365 Days a Year, 24 Hours a Day


Room Rate $67.00 $87.00
Two Dogs* $117.25 $152.25
Three Dogs* $167.50 $217.50
Four Dogs* $217.75 $282.75

* Represents the rate for dogs who share the same room. Room sharing is available for dogs from the same family that live together in the same house.

Room rates during holidays and peak seasons may include a peak surcharge. Please see our boarding polices for additional details.


We take the responsibility of caring for your dog to heart and care for our guests as if they were our own furry family members. Our home is on the property and owner management and oversight is provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Everyone at Dobbin Dog Ranch loves dogs and strives to consistently provide the highest quality of care possible. Every aspect of our luxury dog boarding and training resort was designed to ensure that guests enjoy unparalleled care and attention, while maintaining the utmost in safety, health, and happiness. Whether visiting us for a super fun vacation or participating in our highly regarded board and train program, your dog will have a blast living the dream at Dobbin Dog Ranch!


Standard check-in begins at 12 noon. Guests are welcome to check-in prior to 12 noon by paying a $30 early check-in fee, per dog. We request that first-time visitors arrive no later than 2 pm, and all other guests arrive at least one hour prior to the time our lobby closes.

Standard check-out is by 12 noon. Guests are welcome to check-out after 12 noon by paying a late check-out fee equal to the overnight room rate, per dog. In addition, we provide a complimentary extended check-out until 3 pm for dogs that visit our luxury spa for full bathing or grooming services on the day of check-out.


Dobbin Dog Ranch tour hours are from 11 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday, and Sunday, excluding holidays. Appointments are not required to tour our ranch during these hours; however, if you are interested in dog training, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with Mike to tour the facility and visit with him about our training program. During holidays and peak seasons, special lobby hours may apply, and tours may be suspended to allow us to devote our full attention to overnight guests.

If you would like to bring your dog with you, please forward a copy of current vaccination records to us in advance and contact us to confirm. We will only be able to receive your dog into our facility, even for just a meet and greet, with advance receipt of vaccination records.


On holidays and other days when our lobby is closed, we are fully staffed, and guests enjoy the same attentive care and fun leisure and exercise activities that we provide at other times. It is our pleasure to ensure your pup has a wonderful time during their holiday stay with us!


Attention and activity make for healthier and happier dogs and are great for stress relief, especially when your dog is away from home. We offer many innovative leisure and exercise activities, including group play, swimming, retrieving, cuddling, and tuck-in time, to ensure your dog has a blast during his or her stay.

Our professional spa and grooming services are designed to enrich your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Regularly scheduled bathing and grooming not only ensures your dog looks fabulous, but it is also vital to maintaining your dog’s health and happiness. To freshen up after participation in all the fabulous leisure and exercise activities available, we recommend that guests visit our luxury spa before they go home. To maintain optimal coat health, we typically request that guests who stay with us for an extended period be bathed or groomed during their stay and again on the day of check-out.

To ensure a smooth check-in process and allow us to plan for your dog’s visit, we ask that leisure and exercise activities and spa services be scheduled when you make your reservation. We are happy to offer suggestions and assist you with scheduling your dog’s activities. And of course, you may make modifications to your dog’s activity schedule upon arrival or during his or her stay.


We offer our guests premium Pro Plan dog kibble during their stay at no additional charge. We feed a yummy chicken and rice flavor in puppy, adult, and small breed formulas. We believe it is a high-quality food and feed it to our own furry family members. Adult dogs are served two meals a day, breakfast in the morning and dinner in the late afternoon. Puppies are served three meals a day. Adult dogs may be served a third daily meal for an additional fee.

If you prefer, you are welcome to provide your dog’s food from home. For shorter stays, please bring a supply of food for your pup’s visit, or a little extra, in a small container or bag, or in individual bags per meal. We serve meals in bowls that we sanitize and wash after each feeding, there is no need for you to bring food or water bowls from home. In addition, we measure feeding amounts using stainless steel measuring cups that we sanitize and wash after each use, allowing you to leave your measuring utensils at home.


We will be happy to maintain your dog’s health regimen during his or her visit by administering oral or topical medications, vitamins, or supplements, including heartworm and flea and tick medication. Medications and supplements are typically administered in conjunction with the time that we feed breakfast and dinner. A daily fee of $3 will apply for each dog that requires medication and/or supplements.


Overnight guests are treated to five outside breaks daily in our large, immaculately maintained, private yards. A loose slip lead is used to walk each dog to and from his or her room to their own yard, the lead is removed, and they are given the opportunity to run and play while taking care of business. Weather permitting, potty breaks are a minimum of 15 minutes each. We have 34 spacious potty yards, each 30 ft by 12 ft, allowing our guests ample space to enjoy their outside time. Every yard is cleaned of solid waste immediately after use and freshened regularly. Outside time begins at 5:30 am and lights out is no earlier than 8 pm. We closely monitor weather conditions, especially heat and humidity during warmer seasons, and we adjust our guests’ routines to ensure they are safe, healthy, and happy.


If your dog is short-nosed or flat-faced (a brachycephalic dog), for example a French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier or Pug, a senior dog, or one who is otherwise heat sensitive, visits to potty yards will be modified at our discretion. During the summer, and at other times when we determine it prudent, these guests will be accompanied by a member of our attentive staff during potty time. This service is designed to provide special loving attention and to ensure guests remain safe and healthy. The fee for our potty time pal service starts at $25 per day. You may also schedule daily potty time pal service for you dog.


To ensure the utmost health and happiness of your puppy, a combination of three fetch time or cuddle time sessions gets busy puppies out to run, play, and potty eight times per day! It also includes three meal services daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and crate training (if desired). Puppy care is required for puppies eight months of age or less and the cost is $34 per day. If appropriate for your puppy, group play may be substituted for the fetch/cuddle time portion of puppy care. You may also upgrade this package by adding other leisure activities to your puppy’s visit.


Our guest rooms are well-appointed with comfortable platform beds and cozy blankets. We will provide in-room crates for puppies participating in puppy training or in our board and train program for crate training as needed. Designed for your convenience, this alleviates the need for you to bring bedding or crates from home.

If you prefer to bring your dog’s own bedding, we accept one small blanket or towel per dog. Each dog may also bring two toys from home to enjoy in his or her room during the day. Please ensure bedding or toys you bring can be safely sanitized daily using our commercial-grade equipment and clearly label all belongings with your dog’s name.


For safety reasons, apart from the collars worn when participating in off-leash training or leisure and exercise activities, our guests do not wear collars during their stay. Our procedures ensure that we know guests by name and collars are not necessary. At check-in, we typically remove your dog’s training collar or standard collar and leash so that you may take these items home with you. We have a plentiful supply of training and other collars to use for our guests.


Boarding reservations will be confirmed after we have received copies of your dog’s records documenting that he or she meets our vaccination requirements.


For boarding reservations, we require a credit card to be placed on file and a $100 deposit for each room reserved. Deposits are applied to your final bill upon check-out. Please see our boarding polices for additional details.


You may request reservations through our online portal using the “Request a Reservation” link at the bottom of the page. Or, if you prefer, give us a call at 281-203-0300 and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to caring for your pup and ensuring that your furry family member has a blast living the dream at Dobbin Dog Ranch!